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 Phyco Derek - Hide And Seek ( gorey scenes and violence)

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PostSubject: Phyco Derek - Hide And Seek ( gorey scenes and violence)   Sun Mar 23, 2008 5:51 am

This is a Fic that myself and Callum wrote Heres the first chapter.

Nathan, Lucas, Haley, Peyton, Brooke and Rachel where slouched in the large living room. Brookes house had been the best venue for this party. It was big, but not big enough for others to make an excuse to come. To be fairly honest, they liked it just the six of them. The music had been flat for a bit, the whole Jimmy thing had come up and none of them had felt like partying. Rachel suddenly jumped up.
"Come on! We need to party!" She ran over to the CD-Player and turned it on. Suddenly all the lights went off, the TV went to static and the CD player went blank.
Everyone started moaning at Rachel.
"Guys... That wasn't me!"
They all stood up and Brooke went to look for some flashlights with Lucas, although Peyton knew something else would happen. They were all standing waiting for the flahslights when Peyton screamed. Brooke and Lucas ran in but it was too dark and Peyton was to terrified to notice that Brookes hair was a mess and three of Lucas' shirt buttons where undone. Everyone looked at the television:

Hello Peyton and friends!
Remember me? No, I'll give you a clue.
You all have exactly one minute until I come. Be sure of this:
I Will Kill You

"You's are sick!" Brooke screamed at everyone, rushing over to a sobbing Peyton.
Nathan turned to her.
"That wasn't us, it wasn't me anyway"
The others started objecting to Brookes accusation and it suddenly dawned on them that this wasn't a joke.
Derek was in the house.
"Get to the door!" Haley said, grabbing Nathan. They all ran to the front door.
It was locked.
They ran to the back door. Locked as well.
"We have to hide!" Brooke said
"Jeez, are you mad Brooke? He tried to kill us before, now are you going to do as he says?" Peyton objected
"It doesn't look like we have any other choice" Brooke rushed. She ran away from the others.
"Brooke!" Lucas exclaimed after her. He bolted into the darkness in persuit.
Haley and Nathan looked at each other, then ran off together in search of a hiding place.
Rachel looked at Peyton pleadingly.
"Hide Peyton. Hide!" She told her, running towards the hallway.
Peyton didn't realise how wise those words were.

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PostSubject: Re: Phyco Derek - Hide And Seek ( gorey scenes and violence)   Wed Mar 26, 2008 12:59 pm

Chapter Two

Lucas And Brooke sat still. The designer clothes blocked the their view of eachother, as they sat in her walk-in closet.
Brooke shook.
All the memories from senior prom made her feel numb and weak. Her bottom lip trembled as she shut her eyes tightly.
Lucas placed his hand on her leg, trying to comfort her. But he was also scared.
Not about getting hurt. But for the ones who he loved.
" This is sick!" Brooke exclaimed. She wiped the tears from her eyes and cheeks then sniffled.
" We just need to wait...It's gonna be ok..." Lucas reassured her. He slowly and carefully moved closer to her. Keeping an ear out.
He lay his arom over her head on on her sholder. Pulling Brooke closer towards him.
She rest her head on his chest, next to his heart.
All she heard was the fast beat of his heart. Becoming quicker. Like the footsteps of someone walking, Then jogging, Then Running...

Rachel Was alone. Everyone had run off...Including Peyton.
She sat on the bed. In Peyton's room.
All she could here was herself breathe. In and out, Every breath became more wheezy.
She tried to stay brave ash she bit her bottom lip. For a moment she thaught she was safe.
Untill she heard his footsteps. Becoming closer.
Why the hell didn't everyone stay together? There were six of them and one phyco. She thought.
She stopped thinking as she heard the footsteps becoming more closer...
And closer. Then they stopped. Now all she could hear was her breath and his.
Seeping through the door like a gas.
Poisioning her.
Her heart started beating frantically she. She heard his whiper from outside the room.
" One, two. I'm coming for you." He banged on the door. making rachel jump but she didn't shriek.
" Three, four. Better lock your door." He twisted the handle. It was locked.
Rachel closed her eyes. She had slowly moved down to the side of the bed.
She trembled in fear.


The door slammed open And smashed against the wall. Causing it to shatter in front of him.

She kept silent.

Her face was damp with tears. She shivered in fright.
He walked slowly toward her.
It was dark.
It went silent...


"You okay?" Lucas whispered To Brooke. They were still in the closet.
Brooke opened her eyes.
" Im fine." She lied.
" Yeah me too." Lucas lied. The truth was that they were terrfified. They didn't want to move. Lucas could have taken Derek out anyday. But it was on the news that He was sent to a mental istitution. And had escaped. A Phyco was on the loose. They had been sitting in the closet for an hour now... waiting.
They both felt more calm, but still alert. Their only company was eachother.
Maybe it was a fix up.
A joke.
Many thoughts passed by them.
Lucas leaned to Brooke and kissed her forehead. She looked up at him.
"It's okay...Were okay." She said digging her head deeper into his chest. He stroked her Brown locks and held her head close to his heart.

Everything was quiet.
Ah stabbing scream shot at Brooke and Lucas. They jumped. It came from downstairs. Below the room they were in.
Brooke shrieked, she panicked and held onto Lucas tightly. She sobbed until Lucas's shirt was damp. He closed his eyes and tried to block out everything.
But the screaming became more frantic and horrific.
Brooke squeezed Lucas's waste.
"I have to go out there!" Lucas exclaimed.
"What you can't!" She refused. She was now facing lucas.
" We need to save her." Lucas cried. "She can't die." He continued.
" Haley has probably called the cops...I'm sure of it."
" Brooke, She is gonna get killed!"
"Don't leave me please!" Brooke sobbed, unable to stop herself.

The screaming stopped.

Brooke continued crying in to Lucas's chest while he held her.

Again it was silent.

Brooke and Lucas froze. They heard his footsteps slowly walk up the stair case. He was coming.

"OKay We need to get the Hell Out of here!" Lucas's Panicked.
"Okay." Brooke whispered. She Looked into his eyes. And kissed him spftly on the lips. Properly for the first time. With Feeling. Only that distracted him for a moment as his attention flew back to derek.
"Lets go" He whispered.
Carefully they opened the closet door and tiptoed out.

Holding hands as they ran into the darkness.

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PostSubject: Re: Phyco Derek - Hide And Seek ( gorey scenes and violence)   Wed Mar 26, 2008 1:01 pm

Chapter Three

Peyton ran through the house. Where the hell did Brooke keep her phones?
She started rummaging through the kitchen. Eventually a small black square came into view. With buttons. And a phone!
It was a phone!
Peyton snatched it up and dialed 911. She pulled it up to her ear.
She hung up and checked it again.
Peyton shook incredulously as she realised Derek had snipped the phone cables.
"This isn't happening!" She sobbed "I'll wake up in bed..."
"No, Peyton, You won't be waking up anymore!" Derek sneered. Peyton whiped round in time to see Derek holding a large frying pan. He spun it towards her head and Peyton leaned to the right. He clipped her shoulder. The pain of having a frying pan smaashed across your shoulder is intense. Peytons eyes started watering, but she refused to let him know she was crying. She kicked him instantaneously in the shin and he fell to the ground, dropping the frying pan.
Peyton grabbed a knife and swung it towards Dereks head. No shoulder hits this time. Derek grabbed Peytons hand and twisted her wrist. Peyton moved back to loosen his grip but she ended up in more pain. Derek spun his legs in an arc and Peyton crashed to the ground, whacking her head off of the kitchen counter. Peyton fingered her scalp and felt sticky blood.
"You psycho..."
Derek brought his fist across Peytons face and she screamed aloud. She could see a bright white, and stars. She swooned, but didn't fall. She brought up her knees to create a shell around her, but Derek grabbed her and dragged her to her feet. He dragged her to the gas stove and turned the gas on, all the gasses where on. He held her face in front of it. Peyton almost gagged on the fumes. But she stopped breathing, refused to breathe. Derek noticed and growled.
"Is that the way you want to play Peyton? Is it?" He snarled "Two can play at this game"
He grabbed the fire lighter and held it to the taps. Peyton started screaming, yelling, struggling. It was no use.
Nothing worked. She realised this was the end. Refused to believe it.
Derek pulled his finger down on the switch.
Peyton felt every second as if it were a minute.
The switch hit the lever and the flint was scraped.
Sparks flew out the fire lighter and the stove erupted in flames.
Peyton screamed as her flesh was burnt, started to crisp.
The pain was so immense Peyton blacked out.


Nathan lay silent.
A scream echoed throughout the house, it was Peyton. He had to do something. He started to crawl out of the confined space.
"You get back under that bed or by god I will tie you down!" Haley growled from inside the closet.

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PostSubject: Re: Phyco Derek - Hide And Seek ( gorey scenes and violence)   Wed Mar 26, 2008 1:24 pm

Chapter 4

Brooke held onto the banister of the staircase. She stared Blankly into space. She was too afraid to cry now.
“Peyton…” She croaked. “she’s dea…”
“Don’t you dare say that!” Lucas butted in. He knew it could have been a possibility. But he just refused to believe in it. It had been silent for half an hour. After the shrill sound of Rachel and Peyton’s cries.
“We need to get Haley and Nathan. And we need to get out of this place”. Brooke suggested. It had been four hours now.


Lucas could feel his stiff eyes shutting. As so did Brooke. All that kept them company was the silence and darkness. It turned cold and dead. Lucas bobbed his head a few times after dozing but he couldn’t fall asleep. They had moved into the bathroom. Lucas promised Brooke that he’d wake her if he heard something.

“I can’t sleep.” Brooke Whispered. Lucas stayed silent. Stroking her hair.
“Maybe Nathan and Haley go out?” She suggested. Lucas looked down to her, even though he couldn’t see her face.
“Nah, If they did the cops would have been here.” Lucas shivered “Besides there probably somewhere in this house hiding. Thinking the same about us.” He continued.
Brooke stared up to the ceiling. The screams from Rachel and Peyton resounded in her head. The truth started to sink in.
“They’re dead aren’t they?” She cried. Lucas held her closer.
“They’re dead…”
“My best friends”

A loud cry came from brooke as Lucas rocked her back an forth in her arms. Suddenly a loud crash came from the hallways.
“Oh shit!” Brooke shrieked.
“OK You stay here! Im going out there,”
“No way!!! Please don’t do this!” She refused.
“Do you trust me?”
Brooke held his hand, comforted by the warmth. Re raised it and kissed his knuckle.
“I trust you.” She whimpered. She felt him pull away until his hand separated from hers. She closed her eyes and put her hands over her ears. It didn’t matter of she closed her eyes or not. She couldn’t see anyhow…

Lucas quietly opened the door. It gave a little creak which made lucas grit his teeth. He crept through the dark hallways again. Now he regretted leaving Brooke in the bathroom. He was worried that she would get found, But he was also worried for his brother and best friend. His head told him to find them and kill that phyco, but his heart told him to back for Brooke, and make sure she was safe. He turned around, holding on the walls from each side of him. He walked forward talking every step with caution. As he walked more the faint sound of breathing came close towards him. He knew he was not alone. He stopped walking…
“ give it up you sick bastard!”
Lucas heard another voice…
“Nathan?” Lucas whispered.
“Luke?” He replied. He ran forward to find his brother and Haley fine and well.
“I’m so glad you guys are Okay.” He whispered.
“Yeah us too.” Said haley.

Lucas lead them back to the bathroom. Brooke knew it was Lucas, she shot up and gave him the most precious hug she had ever given.
“OKay…Looks like you too had a lot to do in this time,” Haley Joked. “Lets get the hell out of here shall we?” She continued.
Brooke sighed as she gave Nathan and haley a group hug.
“Oh crap what about Rachel and Peyton? Where did they go?” Nathan asked.
It went silent…Brooke tried the tears building up in her eyes again.
“They didn’t make it…At least we don’t think they did.” Lucas replied.
Again The room went silent, a few sobs came from the girls but the room was lifeless. After a few minutes Brooke spoke.
“Okay, Lets go, there are four of us” She hesitated. “And one of him. We can beat his sorry ass.” Brooke exclaimed. She put on a strong and focused face has she tried to bur the fear and pain inside.

As they Left the Bathroom again the crept down the stairs. The front door was right in front of them but it seemed like miles away. Haley let go off of Nathans hand and ran for the door.
“Haley No!” Brooke screamed. Haley stopped. It was dark to her but all she could make out was the faint shadow of his face…

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PostSubject: Re: Phyco Derek - Hide And Seek ( gorey scenes and violence)   

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Phyco Derek - Hide And Seek ( gorey scenes and violence)
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