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 Ashlee is in the house (:

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PostSubject: Ashlee is in the house (:   Sun Mar 23, 2008 9:35 am

Heyy,the names Ashlee (:

i'm a cool kid.JkJk.

I'm 16,I live in a kingdom far far away,called Belguim.It's located in Europe (:

I'm a BLer but also a LPer and much more (:
I love every ship except,except CN!& maybe LL but I don't know just yet.

I'm a rockish type of person,but then again,I'm not really.

People rely to me as Bevin(I wonder who,and why?).

I'm a random person.I can be clutsy.I can be weird,but I'm really nice to talk to (:
I promise.

I'm also known as prettyxl3girl from othforums and SheWillxBeloved on Fanforum.com
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Ashlee is in the house (:
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