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 Fear Is A Five Letter Word

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PostSubject: Fear Is A Five Letter Word   Sun Mar 23, 2008 4:21 pm

Summary: It takes place one year after graduation. Brooke and Peyton are living in New York, as well as Mouth, Rachel, Skills and Bevin. Lucas is still in Tree Hill.

Relationships: Lucas/Peyton; Brooke/Chase; Nathan/Haley; Rachel/Mouth; Skills/Bevin; Brooke/Mouth; Nathan/Peyton; Rachel/Chris; Brooke/Chris. Possible Nathan/Brooke and Chase/Shelly.

Please read & review.

Chapter 1
“I'll be home at 7. Bye sweetie”
That was my last instruction to Brooke before going to work. I gave a small kiss on Mary's cheek. Nathan and Haley had gone to Duke and I haven't heard from them since then. Rachel and Mouth finally got together in the last day in Tree Hill and they moved to New York with Skills and Bevin. Brooke and Chase were still strong, who knew? And him? I never dared to ask. We agreed to try the long distance relationship but it got lost somewhere. I still didn't quite understand what happened, we just lost contact. The result from our last night together was with Brooke now. The clock reached 7pm. I absentmindedly collected my stuff. Without knowing why, I opened a drawer from my desk and saw a picture of me and Lucas. My heart sunk as memories floated back to my mind. I couldn't help but wonder where he would be now. I held the photo in my fingers. I was wearing that white dress. The same bloody white dress.

[i]Brooke and I had entered the prom place holding hands after fighting the psycho. Bevin was announcing Brooke as prom queen. I hugged her and whispered congratulations and then moved to sit in a chair. His eyes scanned the room as he came in with Glenda. A smile immediately rose on his face the moment he saw me. He ran to me and gave me a tight hug.
“Thank god you're here. Prom sucks without you”
I hugged him as tight as he hugged me. I could clearly tell he was crying. Suddenly i wanted to cry too. I blinked hard to hold tears back. We pulled away and shared a deep glance before he noticed the blood stain next to my shoulder. His expression changed from happy and relieved to concerned. Deep down I knew he had a clue.
“When you went to pick me up tonight I was waiting for you”
“Then why didn't you go outside or yell at me?”
“Because someone was stopping me”
“Peyton, spill it. Who?”
“He showed up at my place right before you did. I was behind the door when you came. I wanted to scream your name and see you coming in my defense so bad”
Tears coming back to my eyes and this time I didn't try to stop them. One by one, tears were falling. Lucas made that cute little face he does when he's worried about someone.
“Peyton, how did you get away from him?”
“Brooke helped me. She went there”
“Well, thanks to Brooke you're here now”
He gave a relieved smile and hugged me tight again.
“I love you”
I felt like someone took my heart away. I wanted him to say this for so long and now that he did I thought I would be happy or cry maybe. But instead of crying or feeling happy, this came out.
“I love you too. I'm in love with you”
Whoa, in love? I never thought about actually being in love with Lucas, it seemed unreal. But yet it felt good. My heart and my mind were in the same place, and I had the courage to say it again.
“I'm in love with you Lucas. Always have”
He smiled one of his lovely smiles as he offered me his hand, inviting me to dance. Our faces were as close as they could be as we slowly drowned into the music. That was the moment Brooke took the picture. The moment our lips touched.

I put the picture back in the drawer and left my office. My mind was on Lucas. I couldn't drive, I couldn't focus. I just wanted him next to me. I want that safety his arms give me. Tears trying desperately to fall. I didn't have the strenght enough to contain them. My view got blurry and my car slipped on the wet road and hit another car. Fortunately, the other driver was okay.
“Oh my god!”
“Wait here, I'll check the girl”
Nathan walked to the other car. His body froze when he saw the blonde curled girl – me.
“That's Peyton Haley”
Haley ran to see if Nathan was serious. She couldn't tell what she felt. She started to pull me out.
“What are you doing?”
“I'm trying to pull her out. We need to take her to the hospital”
“Haley. We haven't seen her for a year”
“So what? She's the godmother of our son Nathan! She's our friend! She's your former girlfriend. If you want to stand there and watch her die, fine! But I'm not going to”
Haley continued taking me out of the car. Nathan watched her, absorbing what she just said. She was right. I was his friend. He couldn't let me die because of a stupid pride. Haley smiled as she saw his hand helping her.
“I knew it”
“Yeah you were right”
They finally pulled her out. Nathan sat her on the backseat as James looked in shock.
“Daddy, what happened?”
“Erm... aunt Peyton got into an accident”
“Aunt Peyton” James said sadly with tears.
“Come on Nathan. Fast!”
“Calm down Haley”
“Calm down?? She can be dead Nathan!”
“I'm so wearing condoms next time. You're too hormonal”
“I am not”

Brooke was playing with Mary when the phone rang.
“Hold on Mary. Let me answer the phone” Brooke got up and grabbed the phone “Hello?”
“Mrs. Davis?”
“I'm afraid we have some bad news”
“Wait, bad news? About?”
“Do you know Mrs. Sawyer?”
“Yes, she's my friend. What happened to her?”
“She's got into a car accident”
“Oh my god!”
Brooke dropped the phone in shock. She couldn't believe what she just heard. A car accident?
“Mrs. Davis? Mrs. Davis?”
Brooke quickly grabbed the phone back.
“Sorry. Sorry. Which hospital is she in?”
The guy gave her the adress and she thanked him. She turned to Mary.
“Mary, you may not understand this but your mom is an accident. We need to go to the hospital”
Brooke quickly stuffed a bag with some things Mary would need and headed to the hospital. During the way, she kept wondering how this happened. What caused the accident. For several times she got lost in her own thoughs.

Lucas was practising hoops on the rivercourt when his phone rang. He smiled at the name on the screen.
“Hey Skills”
“What's up man?”
“Oh the same. I'm still helping Whitey with the team”
“What about her?”
“Her, dawg”
“Oh. We lost touch”
“I thought you would try the long distance relationship”
“Yeah, we did. But it didn't work” Lucas sighed. “So how are Bevin, Mouth and Rachel doing?”
“They are all great. Bevin is pregnant”
“That's awesome man. Congratulations”
“Thanks. Talk to Peyton man”
“I don't know”
“Promise me”
“Okay, I promise”
“Take care dawg”
“You too Skills”
Lucas sat on the bench. For the entire year he hadn't allowed himself to call me or even think about me. But after this conversation with Skills he felt he needed to talk to me. Only if it was for some seconds. He had opened his eyes again and suddenly he realized he never really stopped loving me. Skills was right. He needed to fight for his princess again.

“Hmmm” He mumbled.
“You think Peyton is gonna be okay?”
“I hope so”
Just then the doctor came to them. Nathan and Haley shared a long look before getting up and walking to him.
“How is she?”
“She's stable. She should be fine”
“Thank god” Haley sighed “Can we see her?”
“Sure. Follow me”

Brooke came in running with Mary in her arms the second after Nathan and Haley left with the doctor.
“Someone called me. My friend is here”
“What's the name?”
“Peyton Sawyer”
“And you would be?”
“I'm her sister” Brooke lied.
“Okay. You can wait while the other visitants are with her”
“Okay. Thanks”
Brooke managed to sit in a chair with a sleepy Mary in her arms. She started wondering where Lucas would be now. Was he still in Tree Hill? She knew he was the reason I was in this accident. She eventually fell asleep by hearing Mary's breathing sounds.

Lucas hesitated. His cellphone open, ready to dial the number on the screen, but something was holding him back. Would she hate him for that? How would she feel? Does she still love me? Eventually he stopped asking himself and just went for it. Unfortunately he got the answering machine.

“Peyton. Hi. It's me. Listen... hmm... I know we've lost touch this whole year and I kinda promised Skills I would call you. So, how have you been? Well, don't make me feel like it was a big mistake calling you. I wanna hear from you okay? So please call me back. Bye”

The nurse started shaking Brooke to see if she would wake up.
“Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Davis!”
Brooke was startled by the yell.
“The doctor will come soon and take you to see your sister”
“Oh okay. Fine. Thanks”
Brooke softly shook Mary to wake her up.
“Hey sweetie. We're going to see your mom very soon. She will love it”

Nathan and Haley were still inside Peyton's room.
“Peyton” Haley held her hand tightly. “Please be okay. We need you”
Nathan sat besides Haley and put his arm around her.
“She will be okay Hales”
Haley nodded, teary. She was too scared for her friend.
“What if she doesn't Nathan?”
“She will. She has to”
Nathan himself had tears now. He blinked hard and looked away to hide them from Haley. He needed to be strong for her right now.

Brooke was waiting patiently for the doctor so she could go see Peyton. They doctor finally came to take her.
“Thank god!” She carefully stood and walked up to the doctor. “How is she?”
“She's okay now. I'll take you to her”
“That would be great thanks”

Nathan gently tapped Haley's arm, signing them to go. Haley looked back at Peyton and gave a small laugh.
“Take care buddy”
Nathan offered his hand and she took it. They walked towards the door.

“So she's okay right?” Brooke asked
“She's fine. She just had some bruises, that's all”
Brooke gave a relieved laugh.
“That's her room”
The doctor began opening the door. Brooke almost fell back in shock at the sight of the two people inside the room.

“Hi Brooke” Haley said in an embarrassed tone.
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PostSubject: Re: Fear Is A Five Letter Word   Sun Mar 23, 2008 6:13 pm

woah u worte this fic? this is one of my favorite stories!
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PostSubject: Re: Fear Is A Five Letter Word   Sun Mar 23, 2008 6:17 pm

Yes I wrote it.
I'm glad it's one of your favorites Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Fear Is A Five Letter Word   

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Fear Is A Five Letter Word
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