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 Life Imitates Fiction {A cupcake & puzzle love story}

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PostSubject: Life Imitates Fiction {A cupcake & puzzle love story}   Sun Mar 23, 2008 4:48 pm

Disclaimer: This is not a real fic. Nothing of this has ever happened. It's a content from my imagination only. This is what I want to happen. No hateful intended.

Chapter 1
“I thought you said you wanted to wait”
“Do you remember what you said the last time we were here? You said you wanted it all and I walked away. I made a big mistake that night because all I wanted was sex”
“What do you want now?”
“Now I want what you wanted. I want everything with you”

That's where Lucas and Peyton started making out. We only shot it once, the whole thing. It seemed so real to me. Almost like if he actually had feelings for me.

“What's going on out there?”
“I don't know”

The sex tape. Again, the sex gets interrupted. I hear the director screams 'cut'. I lay on the bed wearing jeans and the black bra. Chad gets out of me and gives an embarrassing smile.
“Wow that was...”
“Yeah” I mumbled.
Then his fiancé comes along, Kenzie Dalton. I like her, but sometimes I wonder how it would be like if it was me. They kiss and walk out the stage. No more Lucas and Peyton for today. I hesitantly collect my clothes as Danneel approach me.
“What was that?”
“No way! It was too real”
“Nothing can happen. It can't”
“Why? He likes you”
“No he doesn't”
“You're kidding right? He kissed your breasts Hilarie!”
“So what?”
“He's into you”
“I don't know”
“I can find out for you”
"I don't know Dani"
"Trust me Hil. He will tell me"
"Thank you"
"No problem"
I made my way to my room as Danneel walked up to Chad.
"Took advantage much huh?"
"What? Listen, you turned me down, but I accept it"
"Very funny. I meant with Hilarie"
"What about her?"
"You so took advantage"
"I what?"
"Don't play fool with me"
"Fine! It's wrong. But I feel it"
"I knew it"
"But I'm burying it"
"What? Why?"
"It's wrong. She's married. I'm engaged"
"To a eighteen year old girl"
"She's a woman"
"No. I'm a woman. And save me from the details okay?"

She walked away as she saw Kenzie coming over. Her cellphone started ringing. She smiled when she saw who it was.
“Hi baby”
“When are you coming?”
“I don't know. This weekend maybe”
“I miss my girlfriend”
“Aww. I miss you too Jensen”
“Damn. I need to go. The director wants to continue shooting”
“Okay. Say hi to Jared”
“I will. Love you”
Danneel smiled. “Love you too”

“So let's do something”
“Oh I'd love to, but I have to finish shooting”
“Chad, come on” Mark called.
“Sorry, I have to go. We can go have dinner later”
They kissed briefly. I was making my way to the stage and noticed the two of them kissing. A sad feeling filled my body. Joy came behind me and pulled a hand on my shoulder.
“If it's meant to happen, it will happen hun. Just give it some time”
“I know Joy. What if he takes a long time? I can't be on the sidelines waiting for him”
“Then don't. Make him jealous. There's no better thing to do when it comes to these things”
“Who are you and what did you do to my friend?” I said playfully.
Suddenly I noticed a brunette girl, sitting on a chair, pratically spaced out.
“Sophia, what's up?” I sat besides her.
“Nothing much. I miss Jon”
“Anyway, Joy's birthday is coming. I wanna throw a surprise party to her. What you say?”
“I say it's a great idea! I'm in”
“She's such a high school girl!”
“Who?” I noticed Kenzie walking by. “Oh”
“I shouldn't care, but he will cheat on her too”
“That's who he is in the end of the day. A liar and cheater”
“He's also a great friend”
“I know. I know. But uhh, I don't know. Maybe I'm...”
“I'm not jealous. I'm not into him anymore. I have someone great who treats me right”
Mark called us to finish shooting so we had to end the conversation. I somehow felt bad for bringing Chad into the conversation. Me and Sophia hadn't talked for days and we had to talk about him.

As I get ready for the last shooting scene of the day, I see Danneel winking at me. My eyes widened the moment I felt him next to me.
“Hey puzzle”
“Is something wrong?”
“No. I'm just tired. That's all”
As soon as the filming ended, I quickly grabbed my things and rushed off. Bevin had asked me to join some of the cast in a small celebration, but I just didn't have any strenght to hang out today. I got in my car and turned on the radio. I felt so good then. I stared at the parking place for a while before he came to talk.
“Are you upset?”
“No, I'm not. I'm just tired, that's all. I told you”
“You're upset”
“I know you Hilarie”
“I have to go”
I turned the engines on and drove off the fastest I could. I turned the radio louder and started singing along. My happy moment was ended when the speaker announced the next song. My heart sunk as memories from today floated back to my mind. Memories I wanted so bad to forget were now back stronger. My cellphone beeped when a message arrived just when the first accord of the song played. Crash Sounds.

Please read & review.
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PostSubject: Re: Life Imitates Fiction {A cupcake & puzzle love story}   Sun Mar 23, 2008 4:56 pm

Bruu [:
You know I love it right.
I mean come on.
It's amazing
you made me fall in love with CH.


Bevin:Duh Brooke.Five's more then three.
Skevin president. why? because I love how Bevin notebooked him.
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Life Imitates Fiction {A cupcake & puzzle love story}
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